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It was finished. Erazor was beat… but as a last resort, he fled through the door behind him as a wispery smoke cloud. Sonic chased after him. “Oh no, you won’t get away!”

Too late. Erazor fled. “Sonic!

The hedgehog had stopped and looked at Shahra, who flew right near him. “I’m good, I’m good.”

But then Shahra’s eyes caught the door. “That door… what is it?

Sonic looked. “Hm?” - he chuckled.

"I got this."- He cracked his knuckles and loosened his muscles to relax. He then put the palm of his hands on each other. "Open Sesame!"

Great job, Sonic. Not only have you made a fool of yourself, the command… “Ugh, didn’t work!”

Shahra took a closer look at the door. “Hey, Sonic. Look at the door.

…! “The door… looks exactly like the cover of the book.”
And to open it…

Sonic looked like he was in a trance. He had an idea.“‘When the seven rings that control the world are gathered… the portal between the worlds shall open.’”

He looked back at his genie friend. “That’s it! We must use the rings!”

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Oh hey another cutscene.


Sonic raised the ring up, activating it. “Alright… almost there…” - suddenly, he collapsed, with Shahra trying to comfort him.

"Heh… my time… looks like I’m almost a goner, huh…?"

Sonic shook his head and got up, looking at Shahra. ”Don’t worry about me. I’ll be perfectly fine; I cheated death before, and I’ll do it again.”

Oh no, I’m so, so sorry! It’s all my fault…" Shahra apologized.

"Hey, like I said: don’t worry about me!" - he held out his pinky. "Remember our promise, alright?"

Shahra held out her own. “Right. I haven’t forgotten about it!" Sonic turned and ran off with Shahra following. "Good. Now let’s go save the book and everyone! It’ll take more than this tiny little flame of judgement to take me down!"

Shahra followed. “Okay!


The last ring… all seven were finally collected. Sonic took it… and felt sadness. His expression softened. “This one is sealed with sadness…” “What is this all about…?

Sonic looked towards Shahra. “Hey, I want to ask you something.”
Shahra answered with “What is it?
"How do you and Erazor know about each other?"
H-huh?" - silence - "Well… 
"Hey, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, alright? I’m perfectly fine with you not tellin’."
"Is he really the genie of the lamp? If so, he’s a far cry from it…"

Shahra looked around and then handed him a round orb. “Sonic… I want you to have this… if he tries anything, please use this…

Sonic took it and nodded. “Alright. A pinch item, eh? Cool.”

Shahra looked away. “… Hey, what’s been eatin’ ya?” - she looked back after a little while. “To Erazor… I am just a mere Genie of the Ring.
… “I want to help you stop him, though. I want to turn the Arabian Nights back to its former state… that is my wish. Thank you… Sonic the Hedgehog.
"Hehe. No sweat."


So… the blue rat has finally come back, huh?

Sonic pointed at himself in an iconic pose. “Yeah, and I am running a bit low here, so can you top me off, Lamp-Genie?”

The Erazor looked at him with the same type of grin Sonic had, concealed in his robe. “Have you brought the world rings, hedgehog?

"Well, why don’t you find them yourself?" Sonic retorted with a chuckle. "Would save you time and energy."

The Erazor Djinn looked at him with annoyance. “Very well." - he took off his robe and held his razor-type weapon. "I’ll carve you down until I find all of them! Every single last one!

The two rushed at each other. “That so? Well, let’s see you try to!”

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So, King Solomon was, in fact, alive, but his bones were taken by thieves. Hope I can beat them all and get his body back.


"Hey! Would you look at this!" The white ring floated into Sonic’s hand.

"Six rings down, one more to go!" - and then the power of the ring surged into him. This one didn’t have a set personality, but it felt like light; wishes. "Ych-! It feels… like light?" - his eyes engaged in watching. "Why does this little ring cause a whole lotta’ trouble…?"

The ring…? Such great power can cause people to gain happiness… or misfortune… such stories were told in the arabian nights…

"This ring… seems to be filled with desire."
Correct… that could mean ambition… or greed and ambition…

Sonic looked at the ring. “Just what could Erazor really want with this type of power?”


I still can’t get Solomon’s personality. Here’s another one.

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I can’t do King Solomon so here’s a video because i’m too lazy to learn how King Solomon acts.

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